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Every single digital drawing was made with Adobe Photoshop Cs6, a mac mini, a thunderbolt display and a very beat up medium-sized tablet.



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United States
:iconnorequests::iconkiribansclosed::iconpointcommishesclosed::iconcommissionsclosed::iconcollabsclosed::icongiftsfriendsonly::icontradesonhold: Also RPs are on hold

Heya! I'm a quirky artist girl who thinks a bit too much about everything.
An individualist and ISFJ.
Extremely dramatic and sentimental to the extremes.
I like weird things and saying things in weird ways.

My current personal project is Chaos Driven, a fantasy webcomic about a bratty ghost and a hyper human searching for answers about the world's mythical past.
Status: I'm working on it.

I'm also here to help you learn a thing about art. If you have a question, hit me up!

Find me elsewhere on the interwebs!
- Art Tumblog
- Personal Tumblog
- Facebook Page
- Youtube

:iconcomedic44::icondeadlyjusticelove: :iconultralithematic:

:iconrobo-shark: :iconbri-nicole: :iconwonder-woof: :iconawildchelseaappeared::iconteamantisocial:

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Oh! And I have a beautiful fan group, thanks guys! ;u;

People I know IRL:
:iconbri-nicole: :iconteamantisocial: :iconcactuar333::iconxxmystery: :iconmizumi3: :iconcatcrazy90: :iconaerodestiny: :iconpocky-holic: :iconverdantdance: :icondeadlyjusticelove:

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Superstition by Pheoniic

I walk out to the edge of the lake,
eyes following the water 
as it washes my convictions away.
He stops me when I’m starting to pray.

I really like this one song by Birthday Massacre. It’s kind of ominous and reminiscent. Something I really think resonates with Nij and Nova’s relationship.
Nova challenges everything Nij believes in. And sometimes, he wins.

Nij Quickie #2!
Had a load of fun with these clouds.
I also like how its pretty but... still kind of dark.
Nothing Like the imagery of Nij's precious Kino statue sinking....

Head Full of Shadows
Unfinished Business

She's Not like Us by Pheoniic
She's Not like Us

“The ‘Princess’ doesn’t belong in the royal family.”
“She’s not even a real Anashouin.”

Since birth, Nij has gotten a lot of flack about her ancestry.
Born of a “Crafted” Anashouin and a human, it was beyond offensive to the purebloods for Prince Akani to adopt her into the royal family.
It didn’t help that Nij wanted to be called “Princess.”
The prince is a pushover when it comes to Nij. So the title stuck.

So! I've been on a Nij hype for the past few days! And I'm chomping at the bit to release more info on little Nij!
Honestly this looks a lot like one of the bigger more complicated pieces I'm working on- but I had to get something out there. ; w ;
Expect more "Quickie" illustrations about Nij from me.

Also a refresher on "Crafted"/"Unborn" Anashouins:

  • Anashouins are the children of Kino the Angel.
  • On occassion Kino has a vision for a special kind of Anashouin. So Kino makes it by hand.
  • Purebloods don't trust these kinds because they don't inherit Kino's Genes.

Epic Rap Battle! by Pheoniic
Epic Rap Battle!
A little drawing of Yaz and my friend deadlyjusticelove 's character Sam, being dudes and spitting sick rhymes! Amethyst Emote 1 

Requested by Sarah during class and drawn with a mouse because my teacher doesn't know crap and  I needed a distraction.
I think it turned out pretty cute, all things considering!

Anyways, Sam is from The Order of Luxcium and it's gonna be a RLY GOOD story.
Lemme just tell you:
I get hyped everytime I hear more about this idiot going to the edge of hell to save his sister.

Also yeah Yaz looks so painfully more colorful than Sam.
Darn yaz and your practically crayon orange hair!

Also I've drawn him before.
Too Late to Run
Horn Jukeshou! Sam and Blair
Black Tourmaline the EDGEsona by Pheoniic
Black Tourmaline the EDGEsona

So I finally finished a Gemsona!
…It turned out really impractically edgy...and very un-canon. So I made a non-edgy version :iconheplz:
I definitely liked the idea of having gems that looks like headphones. U v U

Hm I wonder…. Black Tourmaline isn’t a fusion. Maybe that’s just one crystal through her whole head??

Either way, I had fun designing her. 
(Oh gosh now I wanna fuse! :la:
If you have a gemsona and wanna fuse hmu!)

Edit: I just realized that the gem also looks like my faux gauges, which makes it all the more fitting because I love those things.
Also I couldn't decide on a weapon. Maybe I'll figure it out later...


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