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Every single digital drawing was made with Adobe Photoshop Cs6, a mac mini, a thunderbolt display and a very beat up medium-sized tablet.




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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
:iconnorequests::iconkiribansclosed::iconpointcommishesclosed::iconcommissionsclosed::iconcollabsclosed::icongiftsfriendsonly::icontradesonhold: Also RPs are on hold

Heya! I'm a quirky artist girl who thinks a bit too much about everything.
An individualist and ISFJ.
Extremely dramatic and sentimental to the extremes.
I like weird things and saying things in weird ways.

My current personal project is Chaos Driven, a fantasy webcomic about a bratty ghost and a hyper human searching for answers about the world's mythical past.
Status: I'm working on it.

I'm also here to help you learn a thing about art. If you have a question, hit me up!

Find me elsewhere on the interwebs!
- Art Tumblog
- Personal Tumblog
- Facebook Page
- Youtube
- StoreEnvy

:iconcomedic44::icondeadlyjusticelove: :iconultralithematic:

:iconrobo-shark: :iconbri-nicole: :iconwonder-woof: :iconawildchelseaappeared::iconteamantisocial:

People who make cool Ocs:
:iconrobo-shark::iconultralithematic::iconreal-faker::iconsaetje::iconcomedic44::iconsquidlifecrisis::iconmisslunarose: :icondeadlyjusticelove:

Oh! And I have a beautiful fan group, thanks guys! ;u;

People I know IRL:
:iconbri-nicole: :iconteamantisocial: :iconcactuar333::iconxxmystery: :iconmizumi3: :iconcatcrazy90: :iconaerodestiny: :iconpocky-holic: :iconverdantdance: :icondeadlyjusticelove:

Inactive Friends!
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My OC Plz Accounts:


A Scary Stylized Nova by Pheoniic
A Scary Stylized Nova

Ok so I’ve always loved the dark, blocky and graphic caricature style of character designer Robert Valley!

So I tried my hand at it with Nova!

Honestly, I strive for his level of exaggeration and sleek graphic feel!  When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 


After calamity tore her species apart, Nij the chaotic ghost girl aims to reunite her kin in the afterlife. Unfortunately, she is the least qualified person to do so and the monsters that drove them to extinction are back again to finish the job.

Genre: Fantasy Adventure/Mystery
PG-13 for Violence, Cartoon Blood, Profanity and some adult themes
Predicted Webcomic Launch: Summer 2016

Unfinished Business by Pheoniic

Something BIG by Pheoniic


Yet Another YIJ Sketchdump! by Pheoniic

The headstrong and spunky Nij Amos lived a very sheltered life where she had little say or ability to do anything. She met her fateful end in a battle she rebelliously snuck herself into. Revived as a Chaotic spirit, she's determined to bring the Anashouin Empire back from the dead!
She even found some human sap to help her!

15 years old - Spirit 
Nij Redesign by PheoniicSome Pastel Nijs by PheoniicPastel Goth Nij by Pheoniic

The happy-go-lucky "Yaz" can see spirits, but only through one eye. He quickly empathized with Nij's story and accidentally promised to help her in her grand scheme. And now he can't take it back! Following in his ma's footsteps, he wants to help spirits like Nij move on, but he is definitely in over his head on this one.

13 years old- Human

Yaz Redesign by PheoniicSome Dudes by PheoniicSpirit Jubilee by Pheoniic



Nova is the impatient, chronically bored leader of a band of killers sent to destroy Nij. He firmly believes that Spirits are unnatural and should not exist. Also that his teammates are godamn idiots. Sarcastic and logical to a fault, he's quick to assert his opinions on others.

 25 years old- ??
Nova Consistency Meme by PheoniicLuminant by PheoniicChillin Villain by PheoniicStanding Asshole by Pheoniic

A laidback teen with a dark sense of humor, Trin is the token pretty boy of Nova's gang of killers. He's also the only human in the group. He actually doesn't care about doing his job and will be as lazy as he can get away with. Everyone likes Trin. (Except Nova)
A Mild Trin Redesign by PheoniicCoffee Break by Pheoniic
17 years old- Human

Hans was known back in the day for some brilliant bank heists, but now he's the "muscle" of the team and hasn't been able to shake the title.

52 years old- Human
Those Three Terrible People are Back by Pheoniic

Secondary Characters

Kaisae Luniver is a tired father and police detective investigating mysterious activity in Anatol. Unfortunately for him, the activity revolves around ghosts.... which he can't see. He is incredibly overprotective of children and upholds a strong personal sense of justice. 

37 years old - Human

Kaisae Redesign by PheoniicKaisae Strikes Again by Pheoniic

River Falback is Yaz's ma.
A wanderer free-spirit spirit medium. She is experienced in returning chaotic spirits to their stable forms.
She travels with a bunch of fellow spirit mediums to dance with spirits and help them find peace.
She is Yaz's Role Model.

44 years old- Human

Ghost on the Hill 2 by Pheoniic

Scott Falback is Yaz's dad. He can't see spirits and supports the family though his anashouin research.
Scott brought Yaz to Anatol to do paperwork for him. Yaz hates it.

52 years old- Human
The Falbacks Return! (Flats) by Pheoniic

The Anashouins

The spitting image of Kinoamos in silver, Akaniamos the Moon God, was created to lead the empire. Xe is friends with the Seraph and after hearing Nij's biological father left her, immediately stepped in adopt Nij into the royal family. Xe has always been overprotective towards little Nij and will do anything to make her happy.

Unknown years old- Created Anashouin
Her Divine Guardian by Pheoniic

The Seraph is one of the most influential Created Anashouin Warriors in the empire. A level-headed legendary warrior and Nij's biological mother. After Nij's biological father left Nij in her care, she turned to her good friend to take care of her while she was away on the battlefield. This friend was Prince Akani. Nij wants to be like her mom.

Unknown years old- Created Anashouin


General Ibaramos, one of the 12 most influential purebloods in the Anashouin empire is also a close friend and advisor to Prince Akani himself. Such that he's had a hand in raising Nij. He insists being called "Uncle Ibs" due to the fact he appears only 11 years old.
He has also fought on the battlefield with Nij's Mom on multiple occasions and treasures her camaraderie.
He hopes that Nij will rise to the greatness of her mother.

Unknown years old- Pureblood Anashouin
Prince, Do you even LIFT? by Pheoniic

Kinoamos the Sun God is the angelic founder of the Anashouin Empire. 
Kinoamos created Anashouins in xis image as a way of sharing xis beauty with the world. 
Kino used to be an active member of society until xe disappeared one day leaving xis clone (Akaniamos) to take xis place as leader.
Nij, like most Anashouins, dream of meeting xim personally.

Unknown years old - Divine

And I'm turning ....22. 7 

...What an eh number. I have this weird thing about numbers  and 22 is just too even for me.PAPYRUS! (Free To Use)  I really don't like it.
Also I'm at that stage in my life where...I don't even expect any presents? And all my friends are far away so- they can't come anyways?

Either way! With Chaos Driven's launch just around the bend, my Ocs are always on my mind!

I would be so touched if guys drew some of my Chaos Driven characters! Especially Nova and Nij! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 

Sure you guys have seen their designs.... But!! I'm excited to unveil just how deep their conflict and personalities go!
I just wanna hype up this dang train!!Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

Refs and Official stuff here:

I am just so happy right now that I'm off from work for a few days and that I'm going to eat good food Happy Lenny Emote (Small) 

And ALSO see twenty one pilots live!
Derpy Peridot nsfksghksgsdkngskngs
Hey all!

Bill Cipher Squatting GIFSo I'm excited to announce I finally got my StoreEnvy store set up! Bill Cipher Squatting GIF Bill Cipher Squatting GIF Bill Cipher Squatting GIF 

Now you can order some of my lovely Eevee-lution buttons and glossy prints / posters that I was also selling at the Con! c:

Head over there and check em outtttt!~~

>> PheoniicArt StoreEnvy<<

Get yer shapely Eevee Buttons here! sparkle emote 

Actually lighter by Pheoniic
I have to say, I have a good amount of these Eeveelution Buttons and I love them to pieces.
Surely I can't have all of em to myself! I need to find these guys happy homes!

I'll also be selling....

  • Deadpool Glossy Sticker Sheets
     Chibi Deadpool Stickers by Pheoniic
  • 11x17 Large FNAF Posters
  • 11x17 Chaos Driven Posters
    Unfinished Business by Pheoniic
  • Glossy 9.5 x 11 Chaotic Nij prints!
    Pastel Goth Nij by Pheoniic

If you have any questions, let me know!

I'm new to online selling and I'm sure there are some hidden kinks I need to work out.

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